Wood Water Crafts has been developing over many years but only really started to take shape in 2007. It is a project born out of the love of all things natural, the Earth and her waters. Classic wooden canoe making skills developed in early 19th century Ontario, Canada are intertwined with age old Native American canoe making skills to form this variety of watercraft. Some of the power tools used may be modern and some of the methods may be modern, but all are based tried and true methods hundreds of years old.

The medium is wood. It is an added bonus to the beauty of wood watercraft that they are also much more environmentally friendly in that wood is renewable and that the glues used today are much safer to the environment than many of their fiberglass counterparts. It is only fitting that Wood Water Crafts be officially kicked off on Earth Day 2011 as Mother Earth is the inspiration behind WWC.

The goal of Wood Water Crafts is to facilitate the wood craft making process so that the public can learn that making their own watercraft is within their own grasp and extremely satisfying and in essence building character within themselves along with the beautiful fruits of their labor. Wood Water Crafts encourages community participation through an informal internship program (as of now) so as to educate the community not only on boat building skills, but on respect for the planet and of its inhabitants.

If you’d like me to make a surfboard, canoe, kayak, rowboat or sailboat for you, buy one of the ones I have **OR** if you are just interested in learning more, please contact us! Thank you!